Furniture Medic – How to Get Started As a Furniture Medic Franchise Owner

furniture medic

Furniture medic is an established, well-known franchise that offers furniture refinishing and repair. The company has over 300 locations worldwide and is part of the ServiceMaster family of brands.

Founded in 1992, the company offers a wide range of furniture repair and restoration services. The company’s expert craftsmen are highly skilled at restoring furniture to a like-new condition. They can perform a variety of repairs including, but not limited to, scuff and gouge removal, water damage and fire repair, millwork and cabinet restoration, and door and railing restoration.

The furniture repair and restoration industry is a lucrative one, as more people are moving into new homes and offices and buying new furnishings every year. Furniture medic has been able to capture the market for this type of business through its professional approach and quality products.

If you have a passion for wood and furniture repair and want to build your own business, a Furniture medic franchise might be a great fit. The company offers support, a national program and a set of quality standards that will help you become an expert in the industry.

How to Get Started as a Furniture Medic Franchise Owner

A Furniture Medic franchise requires an initial investment that includes a franchise fee, startup costs and equipment. The startup costs can be met through a lender such as ServiceMaster Acceptance Company Limited Partnership (SMAC).

You can open a Furniture Medic franchise in your own region or by expanding an existing business. The company offers territories based on counties or zip codes that are divided into regions of roughly 100,000 customers, with the option to expand into new areas as your business grows.

The company provides support to its franchisees through its world-class training center, technical hotline and ongoing education programs. The company also holds monthly webinars on technical skills, business operations and marketing.

To keep its franchisees up to date on the latest technologies, Furniture Medic has an advanced performance seminars program where it sends a top operator from its Memphis headquarters or enlists a highly trained franchisee to teach operators at their own locations.

Besides these on-going educational efforts, the company also hosts annual conventions that feature training and business development sessions. These events also include networking opportunities and information on new national account programs.

This type of training is vital to a successful business. Having an extensive knowledge base will make it easier to serve your customers and stay competitive in the industry.

For this reason, the company requires all operators to undergo training at ServiceMaster’s Training Center in Memphis, Tennessee. This training includes several weeks of classroom instruction and a multi-day mentorship program.

Another important aspect of training is the ability to work on different types of furniture and restore it to a like-new state. This is especially important for commercial customers, who may need their furniture to be repaired without disrupting their operation.

In addition to providing a full menu of services, Furniture Medic also sells its own line of specialty products that can be used to restore furniture. These products are water-based, chemical-free and have been endorsed by the furniture restoration industry.

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