How to Choose a Chair Pillow

chair pillow

A chair pillow is a seat cushion that helps you sit up straight and avoid slouching while working at your desk. Its purpose is to keep your spine aligned so you can focus on your work, instead of trying to retrain your butt not to slouch all day long. While you can technically place any old throw pillow on your chair, the best chair cushions are designed specifically to help with ergonomics. They’re also typically more durable and well-made than the cheap ones included with your gaming chair.

There are plenty of different types of chair pillows out there, so deciding which one is right for you can be tricky. To start, decide whether you want a pillow that stays on your chair or one that comes off easily for cleaning. After that, consider the fabric and filling to see which is comfortable for you. Finally, consider the size of your chair and if you want a pillow that fits to the dimensions of the seat.

While most people assume that chair cushions are made from fluffy material like cotton or polyester, you’ll actually find many that are filled with shredded memory foam. This is better than traditional polyester because it’s soft and flexible enough to mold to your body without creating lumps or dips. The material is also resistant to chemicals and pests, so it won’t be harmed by anything spilled on it.

Another important factor to consider is how fixed you want your chair pillow to be. Some chair pads attach to the chair using strings, while others are removable and can be stored away between uses. If you plan on removing your chair pillow often or moving it between chairs, look for handles on the sides of the pillow to make carrying it easier.

If you’re buying a seat cushion to help with back pain, it’s essential to choose the right thickness for your needs. “The cushion should be firm enough to support you but comfortable and soft so it will feel good against your skin,” says Dr. Lees. “For a 22-inch seat width, I recommend a pillow that’s about 4 inches less in width.”

For those who enjoy camping or hiking with their kids, the Snow Peak chair cushion is an excellent option for adding comfort to outdoor chairs. It fits on any Snow Peak chair, including the Low Beach Chair, Take! Bamboo Chair, or the High Tension Cot, and features buckles for attachment. It’s also lightweight and compact, so it won’t add too much bulk to your backpacking gear. The pillow is made from weather-resistant and water-repellent materials and has a zippered closure for easy cleaning. The pillow can be used at head-level or for lower-back support and folds up easily when not in use. The bottom of the chair cushion is also nonslip to prevent it from sliding off the chair, even when occupied. It’s a great addition to any camping or hiking gear.

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