can floor lamp

Lighting is one of those often-overlooked decor elements that can really make or break a room. And while a cheap fixture might get the job done, the right lamp can reduce eye strain and headaches, highlight artwork and other design details, boost mood, energy levels, and focus, help save on utility bills, and even increase the value of a home or piece of art. So whether you’re a designer seeking a statement-making light to elevate your next project or simply looking for a stylish new floor lamp to enhance a living space, there are plenty of unique options on the market that can help you achieve your lighting goals.

The first step to choosing the perfect can floor lamp is understanding the type of role it will play in your space. If it’s meant for ambient or task lighting, consider the shade’s color and texture to help set a tone or accent a focal point. If the light is meant to highlight a ceiling or wall feature, opt for a shade that’s opaque. Also be mindful of the base type and color, as well as its size in relation to the rest of the lamp.dalsahome

For those who love to curl up with a good book, look for a reading lamp. These typically have a cylindrical shade and a narrow arm that allows you to easily direct the light where you need it most. And since most reading lamps are quite tall, they can be a great solution for rooms with high ceilings where recessed can lighting might feel like a harsh spotlight at night.

If you’re in the market for a more decorative, contemporary style, try a torchiere floor lamp. These have downward-facing shades that help soften the look of a space while adding dimension. And since they’re also usually a bit more slim in profile than standard floor lamps, this style can be a great choice for spaces with limited floor space.

A more traditional take on this type of lamp is this option from Brighttech, which comes in a variety of on-trend finishes and can be controlled via an integrated smart outlet that works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. With its classic lines and mushroom-shaded fabric, this light could easily become a go-to for coastal, Cali-cool, or transitional spaces.

Similarly, this floor lamp from Pottery Barn features a rubberwood base with a natural finish and a white cotton shade. Derby loves this option because “it’s simple and versatile enough to work with a wide range of styles, from coastal to country to Cali-cool,” she says.

And for a modern and minimalist style, look for this uplit floor lamp from Urban Outfitters. The thin arc frame and classic marble base give it an airy, clean-lined look that can be easily paired with other modern furniture or used to balance out an eclectic living space. The shade is available in two color accents, as well, so you can choose a hue that suits your home best.

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